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Our philosophy

Food tastes better when its fresh

Daily deliveries ensure our food is always fresh. Only the cream of the crop for all our customers.

Treat your body with respect

There are many foods in the world that are both delicious and nutritious. To help you out, we sell several spices and superfoods in our health store.


We want to provide you with your favorite food, all the time. And we want to do it right. Same portions, same quantities – anything to ensure consistency and to make sure you know exactly what you are getting on your plate.

Fair food

We believe food should be fair. That’s why we only serve responsibly sourced fish and are all our chickens free-range and hormone-free.

Local sourcing

We want to support our surrounding community and therefore aim to source locally, where possible.

Healthy life, happy life

Growing up, we have always been taught to ‘treat your body like a temple’. Words to live by. We believe a healthy lifestyle reflects on you as a person. That’s simply the way the cookie crumbles.

And finally… we believe food is one of life’s greatest joys.

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