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Poké Perfect

Franchisees wanted!

Love the Poké Perfect concept? Become a franchisee!

We currently have 11 locations in Amsterdam, Almere, Den Bosch, Dordrecht, Leiden, Nijmegen & Utrecht. But the Netherlands is much bigger than that, and we believe that we offer an added value for every city and medium-sized town. The delivery market continues to grow and there is an increased need for healthy, affordable meals. The poké bowl has proven itself throughout the years and is here to stay.

Poké Perfect

Why open a Poké Perfect franchise location?

You run a business within a familiar, proven concept.

You can focus on the business – we handle everything else: marketing, menu development, concept development, operational coaching and much more.

You are an independent entrepreneur and can enjoy all the benefits that offers.

You purchase from our regular suppliers, with favourable terms.

Due to the proven concept, financing a Poké Perfect franchise location is more feasible than financing a new, independent business - and the investment is lower.

You get support from the Poké Perfect HQ to handle your administration, purchasing, automation, training, HR and of course we offer operational support. If there are questions, about anything, HQ is always there to help.

Opening your own location can be done quickly, because all the ins and outs have already been worked out.

You follow a trainings programme within various Poké Perfect locations, with the guidance of our experienced team members.

Poké Perfect

Poké Perfect franchise facts

Franchise since 2016
Type Hard franchise
Number of locations 11
Franchisees 4
Purchasing centrally arranged, regular suppliers
Buy-in € 10.000
Annual fee 7%
Total investment € 100.000 – €150.000 (depending on location size)
Own capital € 25.000
Poké Perfect

Do you like what you’re reading?

The process of opening a franchise location involves the following (please click on each step):

  • Register

    You can do this through the form below, or send an email to Please try to give us a comprehensive picture of you: tell us something about yourself, about your (work) background, how you know about us and where you would like to start your location.

  • Introductory meeting at Poké Perfect HQ

    Getting to know eachother in person. We will tell you more about ourselves, our team and our concept. If there’s a click, and both parties want to delve further into a collaboration, we will move on to the next step.
  • Take a look on location

    We will take you to a location, introduce you to our colleagues and show you procedures and working methods. A look behind the scenes!
  • Meeting with one of our existing franchisees

    They can then tell you everything about how they like it, how they experienced the entire process and it is also nice to see their location.
  • Letter of intent

    In this, we agree on a period in which we try to complete everything and which location it concerns. This statement therefore means that you are in exclusive contact with us for your own location in that specific area.
  • Business plan & market research

    You will be making a business plan and do market research to find out whether the location is indeed suitable to start your business.
  • Determine the location, subject to financing

    We can help you in the search for a suitable location and of course will advise you in this.
  • Financing application

    We will connect you to an independent financial advisor who is specialized in financing applications and who is familiar with the trade.
  • Training

    In the meantime, you will be trained and prepared for a successful entrepreneurial adventure in one of our locations, so that you are entirely ready for when your own location opens. We will also help you train your staff and, if you wish, also help you recruit them.
  • Renovation

    • The renovation of the location is done by a professional partner, who has also renovated and furnished our previous locations. This project is delivered turn-key, ready to go.
    • In their studio you can take a digital walk around your new business via Virtual Reality!
    • At the same time, our marketing and PR machine is starting to run – it is important to let as many people as possible know that they will soon be able to enjoy a fresh poké bowl.
  • Opening!

    And then the time has come – together with your friends, family, team and suppliers, we raise the glass to toast the opening of your own Poké Perfect!

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